Henrik BøeghHenrik Bøegh

Born in Copenhagen Oct 3rd 1950
Henrik Bøegh

Henrik Bøegh is a well known author and artist in the printmaking world. Since he established The Printmakers’ Experimentarium in Copenhagen in 1997 he has been working hard to spread the techniques of Non-Toxic Intaglio all over Europe. More than 800 printmakers from all over the world have been participating in his workshops all over Europe throughout the years since 97. His book “Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio” has been published in Danish, English, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and French language. The book has been visualized in the video and DVD programme “Non-Toxic Intaglio Step by Step.” From the very beginning Henrik has been testing and evaluating the non-toxic printmaking methods and materials. The results of his investigations in photopolymer materials and acrylic etching grounds has been published currently through his free electronic newsletters to more than 1500 printmakers around the world

Henrik is a well known artist in Scandinavia. As artist he is known from his delicate photogravures with motifs from his many journeys to the old Buddhist Cultural Centers in Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as well as his affiliation to both the Islamic arquitecture in the Middle East Countries, Marocco, Southern Spain, and the Maya-Culture in Mexico/Guatemala as well as the Inkas in Peru.

He works partly in his studio in Copenhagen and partly in his studio in Andalusia, Spain.

He is member of “Danish Visual Artists” (BKF) and “The Danish Printmakers Society” (Danske Grafikere).

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